What Is Machine Vision?

- Jul 03, 2019-

1- the machine vision system

Machine vision systems refer to the use of machines to replace the human eye to make various measurements and judgments. Machine vision is a very important research field in engineering and science. It is a comprehensive field involving optical, mechanical, computer, pattern recognition, image processing, artificial intelligence, signal processing and optoelectronic integration. The discipline, its energy and application range have been gradually improved and promoted with the development of industrial automation. The rapid development of mother-child image sensors, CMOS and CCD cameras, DSP, ARM embedded technology, image processing and pattern recognition has effectively promoted The development of machine vision.

Machine vision is a more complex system. Because most system monitoring objects are moving objects, the matching and coordinated actions of the system and moving objects are particularly important, so strict requirements are imposed on the operating time and processing speed of various parts of the system. In some applications, such as robots, flying objects, etc., there are strict requirements on the weight, volume and power consumption of the entire system or part of the system.

2- The composition and working process of the machine vision system

A complete machine vision system includes: illumination source, optical lens, CCD camera, image capture card, image detection software, monitor, communication unit, etc.

What is machine vision?