What Is Machine Vision, And Its Difference With Computer Vision?

- Oct 22, 2019-

Both computer vision (CV) and machine vision (MV) perform high-speed, high-precision tasks through the use of image capture and analysis, and these tasks are often unmatched by the human eyes. In general, both computer vision and machine vision systems share the same or similar components and requirements. Strictly speaking, machine vision is a subcategory of computer vision, which specifically referring to a type of computer vision used in industrial applications. The difference line between these two types vision is already very slight. But we believe that computer vision is traditionally applied to automated image processing, while machine vision is the application of computer vision in the actual industrial environment, such as the factory production line.


Machine vision and smart factory
For traditional factories, human eyes recognition is very slow, becoming a disadvantage. One point is because of the increasing labour cost of workers, and the other point is the issue of work efficiency and accuracy, which is to limit costs and improve customer satisfaction for manufacturer. Since the 1990s, machine vision systems have been installed in millions of plants around the world, using automation technology and solutions to improve quality assurance and efficiency. In the current market, the maturity of machine vision software and hardware drives the manufacturing industry to fly. More and more manufacturers are beginning to realize and continue to realize the charm and effect of machine vision for modern manufacturing.

Machine vision on the production line
Detecting defects in the production line, quickly and improving product yield is an important aspect of the intelligent manufacturing process. By integrating the machine eyes (camera) in the production line and carrying mature software, then it will be perfect to train machine to determine whether the product is good or bad in the embedded computer. It can effectively identify the defect in real time, and determine when the defect occurs in manufacturing. Finally, it improves efficiency and productivity for smart manufacturing.

TAICENN provides machine vision computer for machine vision technology

Machine vision involves a wide range of industrial cameras. With the precision of industrial machine vision is further improved, the resolution and capacity of the images taken by the camera will become larger and larger, which will continue to request the industrial computer; In addition, the modern factory Machine vision is definitely not only defect detection, more and more industrial controls and industrial interconnections are also integrated into modern manufacturing lines. The requirements of industrial computer are constantly improving with the increase of application requirements. The first point is the CPU processing capability, which requires the identification and processing of high-definition large files in a very short time. At the same time, the industrial box computer requires strong IO integration flexibility, to adapt to a variety of modern industrial control modules and industrial bus. And it will improve integration, and promote the rapid development of modern intelligent manufacturing. TAICENN provides solutions and products for various types of machine vision applications, and provides the ability to customize computer vision to help smart manufacturing and enhance its core competitiveness.