What Is RAID?

- Jan 15, 2020-

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a redundant array of independent disks, referred to as "disk array". In fact, multiple independent disks are used to form a large disk system. Performance and higher reliability.


RAID0 is a very simple way, it combines multiple disks to form a large capacity storage. When we want to write data, we will divide the data into N shares, and independently read and write N disks. Then the N copies of data will be written to the disk concurrently, so the performance is very high.


2. RAID1 is the highest unit cost method in a disk array. Because its principle is to write two copies of the same data to disk without any difference when writing data to disk, and write to the working disk and mirror disk respectively, then its actual space usage is only 50%, two disks Used as a piece, this is a relatively expensive solution.


RAID1 is actually the opposite of RAID0. RAID1 writes the data in duplicate, which makes a redundant backup of the data. In this case, if any one of the disks is damaged, the data can be recovered based on another disk. The reliability of the data is very strong, but the performance is not so good.