What Is The Function Of 4G Module For Industrial Panel PC?

- Feb 03, 2020-

4G module refers to a product that is loaded with hardware to a specified frequency band, the software supports the standard LTE protocol, and the software and hardware are highly integrated and modularized. It has the characteristics of fast communication speed, wide network spectrum, and flexible communication. The hardware integrates radio frequency and baseband on a small PCB to complete the functions of wireless receiving, transmitting, and baseband signal processing. The software supports functions such as voice dialing, SMS sending and receiving, dial-up networking.


As the field of industrial control communications, the 4G module with a large amount of communication data can reach a maximum downlink speed of 150Mbps and an uplink rate of 50Mbps. It provides customers with high-speed Internet access and wireless data connection functions, which is suitable for applications with large data transmission, such as: Remote video surveillance.

Industrial Panel PC in special industries require fast communication speeds. At this time, the 4G module has a lower ping value than the 2G / 3G module. The time it takes for the module to send a data packet to receive a response from the server is shorter, which is suitable for applications that require high response speed. , Such as: remote alarm.