What Is The Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT) ?

- Jan 08, 2020-

Definition of the IIoT:
There is no uniform definition of the Industrial Internet of Things so far. In China, the mainstream definition is: The Industrial Internet of Things is achieved through the interconnection of industrial resources, data interworking, and system interoperability to achieve flexible configuration of manufacturing raw materials, on-demand execution of manufacturing processes, rational optimization of manufacturing processes, and manufacturing environment, quickly adapt to achieve efficient use of resources, and build a service-driven new industrial ecosystem.
The Industrial Internet of Things is the product of a combination of network technology and industrial manufacturing. The Industrial Internet of Things shows six typical characteristics: intelligent perception, ubiquitous connectivity, precise control, digital modeling, real-time analysis, and iterative optimization.

The Industrial Internet of Things is an important part of the Internet of Things (IoT). At present, commercial applications are the largest field of the Internet of Things, but the application of the Industrial Internet of Things started only from 2018, but it is developing very quickly. So the IIoT is becoming more important and advanced in the entire application horizon of the Internet of Things.


Relationship between Industrial Internet and Industrial Internet of Things:
The concept of the Industrial Internet is actually similar to the concept of the Internet of Everything, which combines people, processes, data and things to make network connections more relevant and valuable. Similarly, the interconnection of everything in industrial enterprises.
Compared with the Industrial Internet, the Industrial Internet of Things refers to the application of the Internet of Things in the industrial fields. However, the Industrial Internet covers the Industrial Internet of Things, but further extends to information systems, information technology, business processes and people.

In fact, the Industrial Internet and the Industrial Internet of Things are both networks that have reached a certain stage in the development of the Internet. With the development of technology and application requirements, networks that solve related problems in the industrial field have emerged. Industrial computer computing systems and human-computer interaction tablets, as information hardware controlled in the industrial field, occupy a certain position in the application of the Industrial Internet of Things.

The Industrial Internet of Things is a subset of the Industrial Internet, and its content is more focused on the connection and communication between "things." The Industrial Internet includes not only the "Internet of Things" in industrial processes, but also information systems, business processes, people in industrial processes, and other factors.