What Is The Purpose Of PCI Slot In Industrial Computer?

- Jan 09, 2020-

Industrial computer is a special computer compared to commercial machines. It is said to be special because the environment used is different from our ordinary commercial PC. It is used in more complicated and harsh environments, such as plateaus, coal mines, large factories On-site production lines and more.

The big difference between industrial control computers and ordinary commercial machines is that there is a PCI slot on the motherboard of the industrial control computer. 


1.What is the role of the industrial computer PCI slot?

The role of the industrial computer PCI slot is mainly used for expansion. It can insert various motion control cards required by the customer to maximize the role of the industrial computer and help customers collect data, process images, sounds, etc. The color is usually white.

2. How many PCI slots does a general industrial computer have?

Because industrial computers are different from ordinary computers, they can be mass-produced at one time according to specifications and put on the market without any problems.

However, industrial computers are special machines and are generally customized models. There is no way to mass-produce them. 

Therefore, there is no fixed standard for the number of PCI slots in industrial computers. All manufacturers configure the industrial computers based on customer purchase requirements. Currently 2-4 are relatively common on the market.