What Is The Role Of MINI PCI-E Of Industrial Computer

- Dec 02, 2019-

If you know the motherboard of the industrial computer, you will notice that there is a slot in the industrial computer, namely MINI PCI-E. MINI PCI-E is an interface based on the PCI-E bus, which is mainly used in notebooks and industrial control equipment. It uses the point-to-point serial connection that is currently popular in the industry. Compared to the shared parallel architecture of PCI and earlier computer buses, each device has its own dedicated connection.


The size of the industrial control computer is generally small and compact, and in terms of hardware requirements, it is also relatively small. The PCI-E size of ordinary computers is relatively large. At this time, the MINI PCI-E plays its small role. MINIPCI-E is an interface based on the PCI-E bus, which has better bandwidth than traditional PCI interfaces. MINIPCI-E can be expanded on the motherboard, such as MINI-PCIE interface SSD solid state hard disk, wireless network card, Bluetooth card and other rich expansion.