What Is The Role Of Mini PCIe For Industrial Computer?

- Mar 24, 2020-

Mini PCIe is an interface based on the PCI-E bus. Mini PCIe is an interface based on the PCI bus. The two interfaces are different in electrical performance. Mini PCIe is mainly used for small-sized industrial computers, notebooks, and digital devices. Mini PCIe uses the point-to-point serial connection that is currently popular in the industry. Compared to the shared parallel architecture of PCI and earlier computer buses, each device has its own dedicated connection.

Industrial computer's Mini PCIe is currently mainly used to expand Bluetooth modules, 3G modules, wireless network card modules, solid state drives with Mini PCIe interfaces, CAN cards, flash disks, TV cards, MiniPCIe to CF card modules, etc.

TAICENN TBOX support 1 full-size Mini-PCIe slot,TBOX-2 series can offer Intel mobile processors with Baytrail Celeron, Apollo lake, 6th & 7th gen. Core i3/i5/i7 processors. The Box PC is designed with a rich vertical IOs, including 2* Intel GLAN, 6* USB3.0/2.0, 6* COM, 1* HDMI and 1* VGA; It supports 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi/BT expansion, or industrial modules such as CAN-BUS/ProfiNet card via full-size Mini-PCIe slots.