What Is The Working Principle And Outstanding Advantages Of Industrial Displays?

- Mar 17, 2020-

According to the survey, many people are wondering when they see an industrial display. What does it do? How does it work? How is it different from ordinary monitors? The following sections focus on explaining the working principles and outstanding advantages of industrial touch displays.

The industrial touch screen (Touch Screen) allows users to operate the host simply by touching the icon or text on the computer display screen with their fingers, which eliminates keyboard and mouse operations and makes human-computer interaction more straightforward. It is mainly used for information inquiry in public halls, leadership offices, video games, song selection, multimedia teaching, and air ticket / train ticket sales. Products are mainly divided into three types: capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen, and surface acoustic wave touch screen.

Industrial touch display technology in industrial displays is a new type of human-computer interaction input method. Compared with traditional keyboard and mouse input methods, touch screen input is more intuitive. With recognition software, the touch screen can also realize handwriting input. The touch screen consists of a detection part and a touch screen controller installed in front of the display screen. When a finger or other object touches the touch screen installed on the front of the display, the touched position is detected by the touch screen controller and sent to the host through an interface (such as an RS-232 serial port). Large touch screen function. The multi-functional smart board forms a large touch screen with the computer and the projector. The computer screen is projected on the smart board through the projector, and the pointer or finger is used instead of the mouse on the smart board as a computer to control Windows or Macintosh and Its application software. The surface acoustic wave touch screen, the touch screen part of the surface acoustic wave touch screen is only a transparent reinforced glass, so it can be made into a flat surface, a cylindrical surface or a spherical surface, and the surface of the touch screen does not need to be coated with a special coating. The touch screen is equipped with an ultrasonic transducer at the corner, which can send a high-frequency sound wave across the screen surface.


When a finger or other object capable of absorbing or blocking the sound wave energy touches the screen, the sound wave energy passing through the finger part is partially absorbed, and the coordinate position can be determined according to the change in the signal of the receiver. Compared with other types of touch screens for industrial displays, surface acoustic wave touch screens are not affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, and have a high resolution. The light transmittance is good, the response speed is fast, and the third axis responds, so they are increasingly widely used.

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