What Role Will Computer Vision Continue To Be?

- Jan 11, 2019-

With the rapid development of deep learning, computer vision has become the most important technology in artificial intelligence field. Computer vision is regarded as an important branch of artificial intelligence, which is equivalent to the gate of artificial intelligence. In artificial intelligence, visual information is more important than hearing and tactile. Seventy percent of the activity in the human cortex processes visual information, and since artificial intelligence is designed to allow machines to think and process things like humans, computer vision technology plays a big role. 


Computer vision is the machine vision that uses cameras and computers to simulate human vision to identify, track, measure, etc., and make further graphics processing through recognition and analysis. Make computer processing more suitable for human eye observation or transmission to instrument detection image. This technique plays an important role in building artificial intelligence systems that can extract "information" from images or multidimensional data. In short, the computer is used to realize human vision, to perceive, recognize and understand the three-dimensional scene of the objective world. The reason why machines can accomplish tasks and specific functions that require human intelligence is largely dependent on computer vision in computer systems, such as visual perception, image recognition, face recognition, target location, and so on.

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