What's Means Flexibility Of FMS System

- Jul 05, 2019-

The so-called "flexibility", mainly manifested in:

  (1) The flexibility of the machine, the machine equipment of the system has the ability to process different parts as the product changes;

  (2) Process flexibility, the system can determine the corresponding process according to the change of the processing object or the change of raw materials;

  (3) After the product is flexible, the product is updated or completely turned, the system not only has the inheritability and compatibility of the useful features of the old product, but also has the ability to produce new products quickly and economically;

  (4) Flexible production capacity, when the production volume changes, the system can respond in a timely manner and operate economically;

  (5) Maintenance flexibility, the system can query and handle faults in a variety of ways to ensure normal production;

  (6) Expanding flexibility, when production is needed, it is easy to expand the system structure and add modules to form a larger manufacturing system.

Enterprises using flexible manufacturing technology can meet the production requirements of batch type, and can rapidly expand production capacity, and the products are of high quality and low price. Flexible manufacturing equipment can produce special products without the need for extensive additional investment to provide continuous use of new technologies and processes, and without the need for special facilities.