What Should We Consider When Selecting A Panel PC?

- Dec 09, 2019-

1. protection level

Basically, industrial Panel PC are required to meet IP65 dust and water resistance standards.

2.hardware configuration

Rich interface functions are also one of the indispensable requirements when selecting an industrial Panel PC so communication between devices can be achieved.

3.operating system

Good products are not only suitable for Windows and Linux systems, but also need to increase or decrease the operating system components (XPE, WINCE, LINUX, VXWORKS) according to their own application requirements in order to integrate with the software perfectly.

4.working temperature

Such as desert areas, cold areas,industrial Panel PC needed to be chosen according to the operating temperature.

5.display requirements

The brightness (under the optimal distance and ideal lighting conditions) of the environment room is readable under 250 ~ 300cd / m2 sunlight. If used outdoors, the requirements for brightness are usually very high, 500 ~ 1000cd / m2.

6.touch effect

industrial Panel PC often abandon the external keyboard and use touch to perform operations, so the touch sensitivity of it is very important.


The life of industrial Panel PC should reach more than 5 years, so raw materials must be strictly screened. This product has high abrasion resistance and flexibility, excellent texture and longer service life.