What Tests Do Industrial Panel PC Require?

- Feb 06, 2020-

The reason why industrial computers are called industrial computers is that they can meet the application requirements of industrial sites in harsh environments. The difference from ordinary computers is that they have different environmental requirements. Before using industrial Panel PC, What should we test for it? 


Industrial Panel PC are not very environmentally demanding and can still work in harsh environments, but ordinary computers have higher environmental requirements. For example, some low-temperature environments, high-temperature environments, and dusty environments can not use ordinary computers. An ordinary computer is malfunctioning.

Tests for industrial  Panel PC:

1. Installation specification test;

2. Vibration test;

3. Power consumption test;

4. Motherboard thermal energy test;

5. Wide temperature operation test;

6. ESD anti-static test;

7, 1.2 meters horizontal drop test;

8. IP65 protection level test.

The emergence of industrial Panel PC has not only benefited some enterprises, but also benefited some social infrastructures. There are many urban infrastructures that also use industrial Panel PC. Its future can be expected.