Where Is The Advantage Of Industrial Panel Computer?

- Dec 07, 2018-

Industrial tablets are integrated with industrial computer technology through tablet technology, which is often referred to as a touch screen integrated machine in industrial computers, has been widely used in factory automation, equipment automation, medical, retail, transportation and other industries. 


The advantage of the industrial panel computer is the structure of the integrated computer, integrated mainframe, display, touch screen as a whole, good stability and strong reliability. The touch screen commonly used in industrial panel computer includes: resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, surface acoustic wave screen, red outer screen, strong and durable, fast reaction speed, easy to communicate, etc. The user can operate as long as he touches the industrial tablet computer screen. Make human-computer interaction more straightforward.

Compared with the traditional industrial computer, the characteristics of the industrial tablet computer are: 

1, simple appearance, generous, in industrial production can be embedded in the machine, beautiful but also more practical. 

2. The power consumption is lower because of the heat dissipation system of the LED LCD screen and the heat pipe and the structure design of the industrial tablet computer itself. 

3. Performance uses the same components as commercial computers. Commercial computers have the same performance as industrial tablets, easy to expand and upgrade. 

4. Protective grade industrial tablet computer is mainly used in complex operating environment. It has good three-proof function, can waterproof, dustproof and vibration-proof, and provides IP65 grade waterproof and dustproof front panel. 

5. The long cycle industrial tablet computer has the characteristics of airtight, low power consumption, no fan and so on, which ensures the minimization of fault and maintenance time, simplification, and maximization of service life.

6. At present, industrial tablets have been widely used in self-help terminals, medical, transportation, power, network, finance and industrial control. With the demand of different industries, the demand for industrial tablets is also increasing, which requires that the manufacturers of industrial tablets must have the ability of R & D, production, testing, marketing and system integration, and be able to provide customized services to users.


In terms of performance, the continuous upgrading of processing platform also leads to the improvement of computing speed and graphics processing speed of industrial tablets. With the development of industry 4.0, numerous innovative applications are testing the expansibility of industrial tablets. Rich interfaces and excellent expansion will be one of the keys to industrial tablet success in the future. When standard products can not meet the needs of users, customized services appear with the development of the times, which saves the time and cost of system configuration for users. The continuous innovation of display technology is undoubtedly driving the development of industrial tablets. In the future, the cutting-edge technology in display technology will be applied to industrial tablets. 

From the development of science and technology, the surface is the trend of the times. Surface display has the following advantages: first, immersive experience, slightly curved screen can provide better surround vision, for users to provide a deeper viewing experience; Second, a broader view, a flat panel display of the same size, a surface screen that gives a greater feel and a wider view. Of course, the industry's doubts about curved displays, such as higher requirements for light, may require some additional lighting design. The angle of view of curved display is relatively wide, users need to adjust their table and chair position and height. 

The industrial panel computer is easy to carry and easy to operate. It can save the user more manpower, space and cost and ensure the user's benefit. This is undoubtedly the pursuit of industrial tablet manufacturing, fundamentally promoting the development and progress of industrial panel pc.