Win10 Professional (Pro) Or Win 10 Enterprise?

- Dec 05, 2019-

Win10 Professional is mainly for technology enthusiasts and enterprises / technical personnel; it has built-in Windows 10 enhanced technology, which is mainly reflected in security and some components suitable for technical personnel, such as Bitlocker drive encryption, secure boot, device protection, remote access services , Group Policy, domain name connection, and Windows Update for Business. Windows 10 also integrates cloud technology to more easily synchronize data between different computers.


Win10 Enterprise is mainly for large and medium-sized enterprises. Its core selling point is to add corresponding functions for enterprise users, such as deploying and managing PCs, Windows To Go, virtualization and advanced security.

Windows 10 Enterprise also adds the ability for users to manage devices and applications, which can better protect sensitive corporate data.It supports remote and mobile office and uses cloud computing technology. In addition, it also comes with Windows Update for Business, Microsoft promises that this feature can reduce management costs, control update deployment, and allow users to obtain security patches faster.


Functionally speaking, the Win10 Enterprise is of course better, so ordinary individual users are better off choosing Win10 Professional, while industrial computer users are better off choosing the Enterprise .