TAICENN insists on our core value to support customers and projects simpler and more secure. We are providing an excellent ODM and customization service. It combines with leading new technology, different level customization capability, flexible design and manufacturing, systematized after-sale service, to meet varies exceptional application requirement rapidly, when failure is not an option.

      • Simpler Assessment and prototype process;

      • Flexible and rapidly to meet different industry applications;

      • Cost-effective solution and products;

      • High level reliability and quality;

      • Full experience in industry and knowledge;

      • Systematized after-sale service and support.

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TAICENN has a team of staff, who has involved in industrial & embedded fields, or even military fields for at least 10 years. We are very concentrated in our core value, market positioning. And we are keen to work together, to make every project successfully.

With outstanding manufacturing execution line, efficient & responsible engineering staff, TAICENN is able to ensure the accurate design and high-quality product. Also, our engineer team focus on research and the development & evolution of the industry market, to provide skilled and upgrade knowledge for service.


Customize experince

  1. Industrial Automation: process control, data acquisition control, machine vision, industrial robots, human-machine interface(HMI);

  2. Power Automation: power communications gateways, substation monitoring and control, fault recording system, cable temperature monitoring, excitation control system;

  3. Commercial automation: Vending machine system, outdoor self-service machine, building automation, POS system, Indoor automation system;

  4. Machinery manufacturing: CNC machine tools, flame cutting machines, spark machine, laser marking machine, CNC engraving machine;

  5. Intelligent Transportation: Vehicle identification, electronic police, illegal capture, highway toll systems, overloading weighing system;

  6. Metro: control gates, ticket vending machines, fire alarm systems, integrated monitoring system, platform screen door security system;

  7. Defense industry: Radar / sonar, communications control, guidance control systems, fire control systems

  8. Medical equipment: color B ultrasound, ECG, CT machine, medical monitoring systems, energy-ray equipment;

  9. Environmental protection and new energy: sewage treatment, water quality monitoring, atmospheric monitoring and control of wind power, geothermal power lines.

  10. Industry 4.0 & Intelligent manufacturing: Smart factory, MES system, Intelligent machinery, Digital facotry, AGV, Intelligent warehousing, Intelligent logistic;

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